About Us

The Fintech business model has been developed since 2005

This is the re-imagined
construct of a Barter Exchange, community-based marketing platform &
e-commerce Marketplace.

Mobile phone and card
enabled transaction gateways infused with cryptocurrency decentralised exchange
(DEX) and centralised exchanges.  The business utilises Digital Ledger
Technology (DLT), and multiple Smart Contracts such as 11:11 Coin, HYBX Token
and Alltra Dollars forming a “Micro Economic Ecosystem” (MEE).                         [Note should this
ready singular?  Cryptocurrency Dex?  What does Dex mean]

There are different
user cases for the MEE platform. Depending on the focused needs of an
individual; Entity, Crowd, or community. 
Members can potentially under pin any Economy by increasing productivity
and bottom-line profits.

All laws and taxes of the nation (country) eg; Australia must be adhered to. Corporate entities for example, Managed funds, Hedge Funds, Superannuation Funds and Property Trusts could apply the “MEE” system on a custodial basis and stake, farm and invest in market trading and liquidity pools.


Some of our contributers we work with.

To those who believe in us.

Thank you

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About Us

Accelerating the world’s transition

The co-founders of Alltra have a combined knowledge and experience ranging from a facet of industries including barter, newspaper media and business ownership and development.

Their vision was to create like-minded people to assist in the development of community based business and help prosper the community.

They are well versed in the cryptocurrency world and trades and hold a passion to involve the community in the world of cryptocurrency, hence the making of ALLTRA and the creation of HYBX (hyper barter exchange).  As it is backed by a solid asset, i.e., precious metals that stand the test of time it creates stability and a strong liquidity pool to secure a good future for all involved.